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How to Sell Worldmark Timeshare Rentals

Sell Worldmark Timeshare

The first step to sell your Worldmark timeshare is gathering information and requesting the appropriate transfer documents. You will need to contact Worldmark at 1(800) 779-0760 to secure the necessary documents for the sale. The representative at Worldmark will confirm your identity before sending out the appropriate documents. It can take 10 to 12 days to obtain the transfer documents. There is also a small fee of $150 that Worldmark charges you for the transfer.

The second step will require research on existing timeshares and Worldmark timeshare resale options. The amount you owe on your Worldmark account or paid for the credits may not be the amount you can sell your property for. Instead, it might be a lesser amount based on current market value. A broker can help you determine this.

You may require a broker to help you with the sale, online classifieds, or an auction site to sell your Worldmark timeshare. Once you have an interested buyer you need a written contract. The contract should be drawn up by an attorney to outline the terms of the sale.

It is also necessary to have a closing in which you and the buyer are both present. At this time the lawyer created documents can be signed with a witness to ensure a legal sale of your credits and the timeshare. After the documents have been signed you will need to submit the contracts and the transfer documents to Worldmark. To sell your Worldmark timeshare it is necessary to turn these documents in to the company and wait for the stipulated 10-12 days for the transfer to be completed. Its affiliation with RCI makes the sale more convenient as you can exchange your vacation credit with equal RCI timeshare intervals. To begin with, RCI has over 3000 properties worldwide to choose from.