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How to Sell Royal Sunset Club Cancun Timeshares

If you know the benefits of Royal Sunset Club Cancun timeshare in Mexico you would never like to sell it. It offers you a beautiful place to stay without the fuss of planning a vacation each year. Unfortunately, there may come a time when the Cancun timeshare is not working out for you or that you have to sell Cancun timeshare for personal reasons. Whether you are selling the Cancun timeshare due to monetary needs or because you can no longer travel, you have an obligation to receive the best value you can. We understand that you need to know how to sell Cancun timeshare, so we have offered the below information to help you. 


One of the frequently asked questions on how to sell a Cancun timeshare is how to start the process. There is no easy answer, but your simplest option is to seek a broker who specializes in Cancun timeshare sales. A broker, real estate agent, or timeshare resale company knows the current timeshare market. They will also be able to read your contract with Royal Sunset Club Cancun to determine the transfer of ownership steps you must follow. 

Transfer of ownership and RCI

The Royal Sunset Club Cancun is part of the RCI group, which means you must contact the owners of the timeshare club to alert them of a transfer of ownership. The resort club will send you transfer documents that need to be filled out and returned once you complete the real estate closing with the buyer. It will take 10 to 12 days to dispatch these documents, and an additional 10 to 12 days to process the transfer once the Royal Sunset Club Cancun receives the paperwork. 

Before you can have a closing on your Cancun timeshare with the buyer, you need to find that person. After you get the transfer paperwork sent to you it is time to actively pursue a buyer. At this time you or the broker should list the timeshare for the value you hope to get out of it. By examining current RCI and Royal Sunset Club Cancun prices and any mortgage owed on the Cancun timeshare you should arrive at an advertising price. 


During this process any outstanding maintenance fees and other Cancun timeshare fees should be paid. An up to date Cancun timeshare package will be more attractive to the potential buyer than any outstanding fees. 

If there are any outstanding fees this should be disclosed during the closing of the Royal Sunset Club Cancun timeshare. The buyer will have a chance to accept these fees or walk away from the contract signing. The contract is a legal agreement that binds the existing owner and buyer to the sale and the contract along with the transfer documents must be sent to Royal Sunset Club Cancun to finalize the sale. Before going through with the sale consider that the RCI network has over 3700 properties you could exchange with, thus if you are tired of your Cancun destination you could trade without having to let go of your Royal Sunset Club Cancun Timeshare.