Are there timeshare resale companies which can help?

With so many timeshare resale companies out there it can be difficult to know which one to choose in order to get the best results for buying, renting or selling timeshares. For little to no fees, high numbers of interested parties, and a user-friendly website, we can help with the sale, resale or renting of timeshares in any location around the world.

There are several reasons why we're a great source of information and can be of good help when it comes to finding or selling timeshares, including:

  • Cost: Other companies and websites for sale and resale timeshares charge up from $400 to as high as $1000 for timeshare listing services. This can also include charges on commissions, closing costs, membership fees and more. With us, you can advertise your timeshares for free, or pay a small, reasonable fee for a featured listing. Still much more cost effective than other timeshare resale companies!
  • Reputation: As the largest online marketplace for timeshares, we not only bring large results without hundreds of dollars in fees, but we also provide a user-friendly service that has been featured in both The New York Times and Oprah's magazine "O." If that's not convincing, we also have pages of testimonials from actual users who have used our services to successfully buy, sell, and rent timeshares. You can read them at //
  • Ease: We feature timeshares in locations all around the world. Once a timeshare is listed on our site, any interested party can contact you to make inquiries. They don't need to sign up and be a member of the website! We've reduced the hassle, making interaction easier than ever and encouraging people to make contact with our owners. To further drive responses, we encourage you to write descriptive listings and include photos of your timeshare to increase the number of potential renters and buyers. However, ease of use doesn't take away from our commitment to ensuring your privacy. Your identity is never in jeopardy, as we keep e-mail addresses private, prohibit spam messages and do not divulge any e-mail addresses to third-party companies. Other timeshare resale companies do not ensure this type of privacy and openly list e-mail addresses, resulting in more spam messages and less genuinely interested parties.
  • Results: Unlike other timeshare resale companies and rental companies that charge hundreds of dollars and promise to bring in hits on timeshare listings, we bring results. In fact, we're so sure you'll be getting good responses that we let you see for yourself! You can track your statistics on the number of visitors to your featured listing in your personal member profile. Monitor your activity and see just how much you're getting out of your advertising dollars.