Helpful suggestions for selling a timeshare

Selling a timeshare can provide some extra cash in a pinch. In an economic slump, many people are cutting back and looking for ways to make extra money. Many property owners that don't want to sell their primary residence in this market consider selling a timeshare. There are definitely some important things to know about selling a timeshare, tips that can guide you through the process so that you can meet your goals. When selling your timeshare the most critical move you can make to ensure success and a timely sale is to price realistically.

What is realistic pricing when selling a timeshare? On average, you can expect to sell your timeshare for 30-60% of the original price you paid for it. Industry insiders suggest that usually these numbers are closer to 30-50% of the price you paid for it, even if your unit is in-season. A few factors that impact the asking price of your timeshare are desirability of the unit size, maintenance of the unit, and whether it is part of a chain of units. For example, studio units are usually not as desirable so they must be priced lower for a quick sale. If you are selling a timeshare that is "off-season", you will also have to factor that into the price. You will get more money for your timeshare if it is part of a chain of units where the buyer will have some options when they buy the timeshare.

If a speedy sale is most important, another tip regarding pricing is to look at the other units for resale in the resort your timeshare is in and make yours the lowest priced timeshare in that resort. As most websites or agencies will list the timeshares by resort, priced lowest, yours will come up at the top of the list. More potential buyers will see your listing first and notice the value offered.

When selling a timeshare, it is also important to know what you have so that you can provide the most enticing and factual presentation possible to your prospective buyers. Know if you have deeded ownership or if you have a right-to-use timeshare. If I am selling my timeshare this week, I want to get all of my paperwork together and in order so that I can answer buyers' questions with confidence as they ask them. If you don't have answers to potential buyers questions, they may move on and look at the next timeshare for sale. Be prepared!
Consider contacting other owners of the same unit when selling your timeshare. You know they like the place - perhaps they want more time there and would consider buying your timeshare.

Finally, you will definitely have better luck selling a timeshare if it is marketed well and advertised where people are looking for timeshares. A great marketplace for timeshares to attract a lot of buyers is crucial. At, you have options so you can list your timeshare and get loads of features without spending money, or upgrade to a plan offering incredible exposure and more: //