How to Find Someone to Buy My Timeshare

Are you looking for someone to buy your timeshare? The following information and resources will aid you in your quest when the big question on your mind is: "How do I find someone to buy my timeshare?"

If you have decided it is time to sell your timeshare, believe it or not, even in this economy people are still buying. One big thing to consider when you want to find someone to buy your timeshare is what attracted you to buying this timeshare in the first place. Likely, there are other people who will be attracted to the same things. These are a list of some things to focus on:

  • location
  • price
  • luxury
  • amount of space (number of rooms)
  • presentation

Your biggest resource for selling your timeshare is

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When you are putting together your marketing strategy for your goal of "How do I find someone to buy my timeshare?" focus on elements appealing to your market.

  • Location -- Is your timeshare in Cabo San Lucas, where whale watching and deep-sea fishing is on the menu? Or is your timeshare in the mountains of California where the ski bunnies fly down the slopes? Or is your timeshare someplace exotic where the crème de la crème take a pampering holiday? Wherever your timeshare is, when you are selling it, write about what you loved about that location.
  • Price -- First, go to and find out the market value for your timeshare. Did you feel like you were getting a great deal when you bought it? What made you feel that way? Advertise accordingly.
  • Luxury -- Going on vacation is a luxury these days for most people. What does your timeshare have that is luxurious? An infinity pool? A chef's kitchen? Ski in and ski out capability?

    No matter what your interest, there is a timeshare for everyone. Again, ask the question: "What drew me to buy my timeshare?"

  • Amount of Space -- This consideration is simple. Is your timeshare a studio, a two-room apartment, a three-bedroom condo or a mansion? These elements come in to play for timeshare buyers, especially those who have children and friends to accommodate.
  • Presentation -- Last but most important, presentation of your timeshare to prospective buyers is key. Get great photographs of your timeshare. Take pictures that will entice your buyer. Sunsets from the balcony, shots of the comfortable bedrooms, pictures of the fun and fabulous things you can do at your location and, again remember the things that attracted you to this unique timeshare when you bought it.

When you are faced with the question: "How do I find someone to buy my timeshare?"; take this information into consideration. It will help you make the perfect sale.