What Are My Resort Timeshare Resales Options?

Finding a new occupant for your timeshare property may seem like a daunting and arduous task, but in reality, resort timeshare resales can be a very simple task and relatively easy to get done. With the convenience and speed of the Internet, you will certainly not find any difficultly reselling your resort timeshare. At VacationTimeshareRentals.com, you can upload all the information about your resort timeshare for our customers to browse and select. Unlike many other websites that cater to the resort timeshare resales market, VacationTimeshareRentals.com does not charge an exorbitant fee for listing your timshare's information. Some sites go so far as to charge between $400 to $1000 per advertisement. On VacationTimeshareRentals.com you can choose one of two listing options for your resort timeshare resale;

  • OPTION 1: The Standard Listing, this listing receives the least exposure of the two listing options, and yet still delivers a 45% resort timeshare resale success rate. As this membership level is absolutely free, there will be a banner add on the top of your listing.
  • OPTION 2: This option, one of two Featured Listing options, is one of the more popular. For a small fee ($19.99 per month, $84.99 per year OR $149.99 one time flat rate free), you will receive an 80% success rate with your property, as so many other customers have.
When thinking about resort timeshare resales, it is always a great idea to take pictures of your timeshare. Getting photos of the timeshare from a variety of angles and vantage points is critical to the potential customer. In addition, putting up a competitive price for resort timeshare resales is a sure fire way to get people interested.