How to Sell Timeshare Weeks

In today's economy you may have questions regarding how to sell timeshare properties. It's understandable to feel that no one will be interested because millions of people are cutting back. Don't give up. There are ways to ensure your timeshare sells for a reasonable sales price. is an excellent resource for selling or renting timeshare units. You'll find this site is filled with detailed listings you can use as comparisons when coming up with an answer for how to sell my timeshare.

  • The key to learning how to sell a timeshare lies in coming up with a competitive sales price. If you can afford one, have a professional appraiser come to your timeshare property and provide an appraisal. This gives you a starting point in terms of deciding how much your share is worth.
  • You next step in learning how to sell your timeshare involves researching properties listed on Look for timeshares in the same area and share the same features, including the period of time when you are authorized to use your timeshare. Use this information as a starting point to deciding upon a fair price.
  • Take pictures of your timeshare on bright sunny days, both inside and out. By portraying your timeshare in the most appealing light, you'll draw buyers. Make sure the property is clean and looks as new as possible before listing it.
  • While your first instinct while deciding how to sell timeshare units might be to hire a realtor, consider using modern listing options. Classified ads can be useful for listing your timeshare property, but sites like are even better!
  • Sellers often forget while deciding how to sell timeshare properties is that the public has a negative impression of timeshares due to scam artists. Be honest and upfront with all potential buyers. At the same time, avoid companies offering to sell your timeshare in what seems to be an unrealistic period.

Hopefully, by following these simple guidelines and spending time researching, you'll discover how to sell timeshare properties with great results.