Sell a Timeshare: First Steps

If you, for any reason, have decided to sell your timeshare, then you have to be cognizant of the fact that the process to sell a timeshare is not as easy as it is to buy a timeshare. The sale process requires much effort on your part in terms of due diligence and realistic aspirations. This is due to the fact that the supply of timeshares far exceeds the demand for timeshare properties.

Before you embark on your journey to sell your timeshare you should be aware of a few facts, for instance, you should know that most timeshares are sold directly by the developers of timeshare properties. These developers usually have a plethora of marketing and promotional devices at their disposal during their sales campaigns. The cost of using such resources is then divided among the several units that the developers market at the same time. However, when you enter the market to sell your timeshare, you usually do not have access to these resources thus you have to rely on your own ingenuity and common sense in order to sell a timeshare.

Here are some useful tips that are bound to aid you in your effort to sell your timeshare:

  1. Before you decide on the sale price of your timeshare, it is useful to know the color code of your timeshare week. Timeshare weeks are usually color coded as red, white, yellow, blue and green depending on whether they are considered to be peak weeks at a particular resort or not. Naturally, the hottest weeks at a resort are classified as 'red' and if you lucky enough to be the owner of a timeshare week that is classified as 'red', then you can quite easily use that fact in setting your price.
  2. In order to successfully sell a timeshare you have to be able determine a realistic sale price of your timeshare. For this it is imperative that you research the sale price of similar timeshares before you offer your own timeshare for sale.
  3. Marketing the sale of a timeshare can involve some expense and when choosing your marketing tool you should perhaps consider a medium like the Internet, which has the widest reach. Listing your timeshare on a site like is a reasonable and effective way in reaching a global audience in your effort to sell a timeshare.
  4. Once you have decided to list the sale of your timeshare on a listing site, a colorful description and attractive photographs of the resort, as well the destination, can greatly help in attracting the attention of prospective buyers.
  5. If you are, however, unable to sell your timeshare, why not consider renting it? Sometimes the rental income from a correctly priced timeshare can in fact exceed the proceeds from a sale. A listing on can help as it offers timeshares for rent in addition to those for sale. Moreover, it can also help you determine the market value of your timeshare, which is extremely helpful when you are fixing a sale price for your timeshare.
A handy list of useful tips and tricks to help you successfully market and sell a timeshare.