Donate Timeshare Weeks: Your Options

Various opportunities exist to donate timeshare properties by the week, month, or for long-term use. Whether you're in the market to swap your timeshare for other locations, or helping out a charity, donating is one way to harness the power of your investment.

First, realize that you don't have to lose out on a timeshare week if you can't get away during a particular period. You can offer your property up to someone else in exchange for a stay at their location at a later date. All you have to do is make your property listing visible to potential renters.

Having a property listed in the "timeshares wanted" section of a website is an ideal way to target renters, buyers or organizations. This can effectively promote your property so that others will buy it or rent it in the future.

In addition, when you consider timeshare donation you widen your prospects as well. Other vacationers could fall in love with your location, condo or hotel suite and then later purchase it.

To get the most people to see your property, it's a good idea to register it at an online community that links to several other services., for example, can list your timeshare for free, exposing it to thousands of consumers as well as businesses serving the timeshare industry.

The property can also be viewed by individuals or service agency personnel who will work along with you to maximize the use of your location. This way you can donate timeshare weeks and leverage your assets to help others.

Another aspect facing timeshare owners is securing availability for a rental week. But a site with an organized and easy-to-use calendar helps visitors to hone in on what's available for a particular timeframe. Such a search tool also helps with the process of donating timeshares for particular chunks of time.

If you're looking to fill a time slot or sell your property it can be challenging promoting the location. But if you effectively communicate details about your property, even when you donate timeshare locations, they will have a better chance of getting interest.

Some tips to effectively donate timeshares online:

  • always present a clean and attractive property
  • include extensive details about the amenities
  • inform visitors about the local area and attractions  
  • take clear, professional and quality photos
  • communicate why you want to donate the property

Before you donate timeshare properties get a good idea about the market value of your investment. Any realtor will be able to offer you a comparative market analysis of where your property is located. Establishing what the other structures in your area are selling for will help to gauge your site's worth in the real estate climate.

A market analysis and a property appraisal can be helpful tools for various reasons. One, you might want to get a tax credit if you donate the timeshare, or be able to exchange the property for an appropriately valued location. Also, getting a timeshare market report can help shield you from overpaying for a particular week or points.

Overall, taking the proper steps to market your timeshare and determine property values will help you get more return on your investment. So if you want to donate timeshare units or sell them, you will be fully prepared.